Do you find yourself doing the same old thing for date night over and over? Having a hard time coming up with something that is fun, creative, and memorable? Look no more! We have designed Spark! for you!

Come join us for an out of the box (or “off the canvas”) experience. This unique experience will offer opportunities for fun, connection, communication, and making memories as you create one large painting on two separate canvases. A Masterpiece Mixers artist will provide you with all the supplied you need and guide you through the creation of the artwork. In the event that one of you is not Picasso – step by step instructions will be given so you can personalize your artwork to be specifically meaningful for both of you. During the event, two team members from GROW Counseling will facilitate several fun and easy couples activities to increase connection to you both.

When:            January 26. 2016

Time:             7:00 – 9:00 PM

Where:         Masterpiece Mixers John’s Creek – 11030 Medlock Bridge Road – John’s Creek

Cost:              $25.00 per person

What is SPARK?

You’ve probably heard it before, it’s important to make room for dating in your relationship. But let’s face it, while many of us have good intentions, we don’t always follow through or we get stuck in the rut of doing the same thing over and over. We tend to view dating as just a “night out,” rather than a time to reconnect as a couple.

Happy couples have a few things in common: They have friendship and admiration, they have each other’s backs and they share experiences together that create special meaning for them. Having an abundance of these elements helps the couple deal with the stressors of day to day life: bills, kids, work, etc. The SPARK date event is a time out to have fun, reconnect, and hopefully share some special moments that you will be meaningful to you as a couple.

Who is it for? Couples who want to be intentional about making their relationship a priority, strengthen their friendship, build intimacy and just want to have fun!

Is this couple’s counseling? No. But, intentionally making space for FUN in a relationship is a key element to keeping a couple’s relationship on the right track.

What do you mean by adding SPARK? When most of us plan a date, we tend to focus on events that satisfy us personally – dinner, movie, event, etc. SPARK focuses on creating and participating in intentional activities that build connection and awaken your dreams together.

Is there a cost for participating? Varies with the activity. See above for more details.

Will childcare be provided?  No.  You’ll be responsible for for arranging for childcare if you have children. 


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