The End of Photo-Shopping Bodies!

We’ve all read magazines and seen pictures that depict false bodies—the gorgeous model on the cover of a magazine, the new summer dress in that clothing catalogue. Can I get a show of hands of those who enjoy looking at perfectly, manipulated photographs? I know I’m not the only one walking away feeling discouraged. I will tell you one thing I am encouraged by: the American Medical Association has requested that teen-oriented publications put off the “altering of photographs in a manner that could promote unrealistic expectations of appropriate body image”.


The American Medical Association is on the right page with this IDEA: teens are easily influenced by messages from the media, and when the messages are negative, that is a recipe for disaster. Hopefully this is a trend that is applied to all generations!
Check out the article HERE

Cara Engle, LAPC

September 2nd, 2011 , 09:45


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