Keep the Spark Burning by Focusing on the Home Team!

Keep the Spark Burning by Focusing on the Home Team!

Here in the South, football season is upon us! Weekend wear often includes a team jersey or at least the team colors. There is a sense of belonging in the atmosphere. We feel a strong sense of community. Overall, it just feels good.

Couples can actually learn a few valuable tricks from their favorite teams.

According to marriage researcher, John Gottman, PhD., happy couples have a few things in common: They have friendship and admiration, they have each other’s back, they handle conflict well, and they have a sense of “we-ness”. With these characteristics, they form a pretty strong team that can handle life’s toughest challenges.

Take a moment and think about how you and your partner function well as a team. Here are some questions to help the two of you define who the two of you are as a team:

  • What are our team’s strengths?
  • What would be our team motto?
  • How about our team name?
  • What mascot would best represent our team?
  • What would our team logo look like?
  • What would be our team colors?

Even if you cheer for rival teams on the field, take time to celebrate what makes the two of you a strong team!

Jackie Dunagan, LAMFT

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