How to Unlink our Sense of Self Worth from Social Media

How to Unlink our Sense of Self Worth from Social Media

In this day and age of technology, social media has become a way in which we connect with others daily. It is almost essential to use social media to connect, as some of our loved ones use these platforms as ways to announce major milestones and accomplishments in life. If you aren’t checking social media, you might miss that your friend got engaged (why didn’t she text you?) or that your Aunt is officially retiring! The basic need that we have as humans to connect with others is quickly fulfilled as soon as we open our Facebook account.

Social media can also be harmful to us if we are using it as a way to measure our self worth.

If you did not see part one of this blog, head over there to learn more about the connection between self worth and social media.

So what should you do if you find that social media is negatively affecting you or someone you love? Here are some tips to help you unlink social media from your sense of self worth:

  • Don’t fall into the “comparison trap”
  • Engage & interact in real life
  • Remember what you are viewing is only a small snapshot of a person’s life
  • Make real world changes instead of building your online personna
  • Monitor your usage or completely unplug
  • Practice being comfortable in your own skin

If you find yourself feeling hopeless about your own life after browsing social media, remember to keep your eyes on your own path.

We get in most trouble when we try to walk someone else’s path and lose sight of our own.

Amanda Dempsey, LAMFT
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Photo Cred: Jason Howie

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