Surviving the Quarter Life Crisis: How To Make It Out Alive

Surviving the Quarter Life Crisis: How To Make It Out Alive
photo: Alessandro Bonvini, Creative Commons
photo: Alessandro Bonvini, Creative Commons


If you read Part 1 of this series, you are now aware that the quarter-life crisis is in fact a very real thing that affects many people in their 20’s and early 30’s. While there may not be an exact “cure” for the quarter-life crisis, here are a few tips to help you keep your head above water and make this a successful time in your life.

1. Know that crisis is normal.

Most people who are successful will tell you that they did not jump straight into success. They will tell you they spent their 20’s questioning any decision they made and most likely tell you they dealt with some sort of crisis.

2. Remember you are not in a race. 

Don’t stay in a relationship or job solely because you are worried that starting over will set you back on your path in life. This is not a race, and life is far too short to be unhappy.

3. Limit comparison to others.

In this era of social media obsession, we are constantly comparing ourselves to others and the seemingly perfect life that they lead. This can lead to depression, anxiety and a general sense of unhappiness. Remember that your friends’ lives are most likely not as perfect as they display on Instagram.

4. Have the courage to define and redefine yourself.

Early in our lives, our identity is often defined for us. The beauty of adulthood is that life becomes a blank slate. Use this time to define yourself. Then redefine yourself if you didn’t hit the mark the first time.

5. Let go of your expectations.

Adulthood is probably not exactly how you imagined it to be. Let go of how you think it “should” be and embrace the craziness that it is.

6. Remember you are not alone.

Most of your peers are most likely feeling the same way you are. Find people who can relate to your struggles, empathize with how you’re feeling, and laugh it off over a drink or two.

7. Keep your faith in the future. 

A belief in yourself and a bright future can get you through even the roughest of times. Cling to this faith and it will see you through.

Most importantly, try not to view the quarter-life crisis in a completely negative light. Use this time to celebrate what you have already accomplished in life and dream of achieving more.


Amanda Dempsey, LAMFT


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