Parenting Choices in an Instagram World

I grew up with dial-up internet. My parents had our gigantic PC in the living room, where everyone could see what was happening on Oregon Trail, AOL, and even MySpace.  It was not until I went to college that Facebook was created. I remember someone in my dorm asking me to send an email to “College Facebook” to get our university added to the list of users. Today, my parents are my “closest friends” on Facebook. They are even following my sister-in-law on Instagram to get the newest pictures of my two nephews.

I read an amazing blog the other day of a parent who made difficult choices with his children about their Instagram and Facebook accounts. Note that I said “accounts” and not “account”. Parents are finding that there are hidden accounts on their childrens’ phones, iPads, and laptops.  Here are a few links to blogs about the internet world that children are growing up in today.  The information these blogs provide is worth taking the three minutes to read; you’ll get a better picture of what your children are doing on the internet.

Saying No in an Instagram World

Parents: A Word About Instagram

Parents Beware: Instagram & Kik Messenger Are A Dangerous Combination & What Social Dangers to Check For

Parenting is a difficult task without the internet. However, this is the world we live in today and pleading “ignorance” is not going to help your teens grow up making sustainable choices.


Adam R Glendye MA MFT, LAPC

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