WHEN THE GAME IS OVER: Some Advice for Pro Athletes (Part 2)

After reading Friday’s post, whether you’re a pro athlete facing retirement, a pro sports wife, a coach, or a team owner, hopefully you will realize that when the game is over for an athlete, many people will be affected. There is good news. There is a “preretirement” approach to counseling a pro athlete. The philosophy is taking positive actions before the time comes to transition to life after sports. A goal every pro athlete should have is to prevent or minimize negative consequences to their lives when the game is over.


Objectives For a Pre-retirement Approach:


  • Educate pro athletes early on about the facts and implications surrounding disengagement of a sport.
  • Talk openly to pro athletes and have a plan (e.g. provide networking opportunities and resources) to help prepare them for life after sports.
  • Educate pro athletes about negative individual and family consequences and provide appropriate therapy services and resources.

Pro Athletes

  • Identify 5 skills you use to dominate on the field/court.  Apply those same skills to dominate your career in life after sports.
  • Talk to former pro athletes about their career path including pitfalls and successes.
  • Attend different vocational workshops to help pinpoint your career interests and gather information.
  • Surround yourself with loved ones who will be a source of support when the game is over.


Porsha Williams, LAMFT

Pwilliams@ GROWcounseling.com

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