Financial Infidelity

Financial Infidelity

Did you know money related issues are the number one reason marriages end in divorce? If you have ever went on a shopping spree to only hide your items in the closet (ahem, ladies!) or bought an expensive “gadget” and you lied about the price (ahem, gentlemen!), then listen up!

This is called Financial Infidelity or other words “cheating” financially on your spouse.  The constant lying and sneaking is extremely destructive in breaking down the trust and intimacy in a relationship by causing the victim to feel betrayed.

Tips to Avoid Financial Infidelity:

  1.  Make budgets and STICK TO THEM!  Include each partner’s extracurricular spending amount so you KNOW your spending will not cause financial stress on the marriage.
  2.  Have regular, scheduled talks with your partner (I suggest 1 time weekly) to discuss purchases made or purchases you want to make.
  3. Decide on an amount of money that is okay to spend on a single purchase without letting the other know (I suggest $50).

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