A Different Direction

On a recent visit near my grandparent’s farm I discovered a new road. Well, I didn’t actually discover it; technically the road is older than I am. I simply never had a reason to travel in that particular direction, so I didn’t. I ventured forth after a conversation with a friend. She told me that a family member (of hers) had made a lovely wrought-iron gate at a cemetery on the thoroughfare. My curiosity was peaked and that very day, I went out to explore.

I was not disappointed. The gate alone revealed stunning workmanship (made in an age before modern tools, which makes it even more amazing). Along the way, I discovered beauty where I least expected it. A small pond housed a variety of water fowl. Cattle grazed nearby. I crested a hill, the road began a slight turn, and the backdrop of a verdant field, a cerulean sky and five incredibly beautiful horses suddenly appeared before me. And then there were white farmhouses. (I love white farmhouses.)

I do see a connection to counseling in this experience. Might there be unexplored paths in your life? What may be holding you back from venturing forth? Often we do not make the time nor exert the energy to explore the unfamiliar. The safety of the known is much easier. (True both literally and figuratively) Sometimes though, we are forced down an unknown path that is filled with mud puddles or potholes. Other roads have red flags and roadblocks in the way and we have no choice but to make a turn. What might be helpful in moving you forward in a different direction?


Marlayne Whitlock, LAPC
mwhitlock@ growcounseling.com

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