The GROW Couples Intensive

Are you and your partner facing some significant issues in your relationship? Do they seem too important to wait to address? Does it feel like if you don’t get some help quickly it will be too late? For may couples, spending two-three months in counseling while they are dealing with hurt and betrayal in the relationship seems hopeless and overwhelming.

If you identify with any of the statements above, we have designed a place for you. In our specially designed two-day intensive, we will help to facilitate the communication, connection, and clarity that would normally take 3 months or more to accomplish. The accelerated approach is designed to present you and your partner with the techniques, tools, and strategic plan to get your relationship back on track or headed in a new direction. Most couples will benefit from one of the four intensive options below; if you have specific needs we will be happy to work with you to tailor an approach that will be specifically designed for you.

  • Option 1: The Relationship-Builder Intensive
    • Best fit: For couples feeling disconnected, discouraged, or stuck in chronic problems, but who desire a stronger relationship.
    • Goals: Address perpetual problems or irreconcilable differences, increase hope, and improve connection.
  • Option 2: The Affair Recovery Intensive
    • Best fit: For couples struggling with a recent (or past) discovery of infidelity or an affair.
    • Goals: Provide a safe, supportive and structured environment for couples navigating the painful and volatile time immediately following the discovery of an affair. Goals include de-escalation, restoring safety, navigating “what to tell the children” during this process, and helping the couple define their future path.
  • Option 3: The Clarity Intensive
    • Best fit: For couples where one or both individuals are heavily considering divorce or ending the relationship.
    • Goals: Explore each partner’s contribution to the current state of relationship. In a safe and supportive relationship, to explore and clarity options, and ultimately make a choice to 1) maintain the status quo / make no changes, 2) pursue separation or divorce, or 3) make a commitment to working on the relationship through continued couples therapy.

Cost of Couples Intensive

Fees range from $1500 – $3000
A limited number scholarships are available based on need and income.

GROW Couples Intensives Overview

Two 15-minute pre-screening phone calls (one with each individual)
Two 45-minute intake phone calls (one with each individual)
Registration and access to online assessment tools
Scoring and review of the couple’s assessment results
Individualized, tailored treatment plan
Two 4-hour sessions of intensive therapy (8 hours total)
Follow-up plan

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