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Surviving the Quarter Life Crisis: Warning Signs

Surviving the Quarter Life Crisis: Warning Signs

The struggle is real. Not only is the average twenty-something most likely working a job they merely tolerate, they are also trying to define themselves, determine the direction of their adult lives, live up to their parents expectations, and pay those first few bills that seem completely overwhelming (cable costs HOW much?!). Navigating through your 20’s and early 30’s can be extremely difficult while at the same time be some of the best years of your life. One day you feel as if you can conquer the world and the very next you’re positive that your life is going nowhere.Read More »

Pro Athletes’ Kids: Price of Privilege

Pro Athletes’ Kids: Price of Privilege

It is often the case that a pro athlete’s kids are afforded special opportunities, luxuries, and privileges as a result of their father’s (or mother’s) enormous salaries. This may include having most of their material desires met, attending the most expensive schools, and traveling and participating in other activities without limit. This affluent lifestyle may come at a price for a pro athlete’s kids.Read More »

Pro Sports Wives: Protect Yourself from Domestic Violence and Abuse

The reality is that 1 in 3 of YOU are affected by this growing epidemic among male athletes. It is important that you are equipped with not only knowledge but resources to protect yourself and others from domestic violence and abuse. Most women fear their abuser and thus fear reporting the abuse or telling a close friend or family member. Staying in an abusive relationship WILL have a devastating impact on your life as well as the lives of your children. Read More »

Pro Sports Wives: Signs of Domestic Abuse & Violence

But to give you an idea of statistics, in 2010 Jeff Benedict, an English professor at Southern Virginia University released a thorough examination of arrests of professional and college athletes within a 6 month period. He found that out of 125 athletes arrested, domestic violence cases accounted for nearly 20%.Read More »

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