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Have I Experienced Trauma?

Have I Experienced Trauma?

Any experience that is less than nurturing and causes you to change your perception of yourself, others and the world can be defined as trauma.

The truth is we all have experiences in life that affect us negatively and cause us to suffer.  The second truth is we are often unaware the negative experience affects the hardwiring of our brains.

The younger you are when this happens the greater likelihood it is this experience will stay with you.  The result can be a history of depression and anxiety. In clinical terms, we might define this as a trauma.

Trauma is experienced in many forms, from abandonment and neglect to bullying and loss. It doesn’t only occur in a war zone.

It is normal that the perspective shift that occurs with the trauma can be staggering, shocking, and disconcerting and leave you not knowing how to respond. It happens in both the big moments of life, as well as the little ones.

Experiencing trauma is part of the human condition. Some people experience unresolved feelings resulting from a trauma that results in psychological stress. A professional counselor can help you determine if this is true for you, as well as provide support and tools for dealing with your experience.

Ann Sheerin MA

Why is He Abusive?

Why is He Abusive?

Most of us have probably been exposed to romantic relationships that we recognized as abusive. Sometimes, our preconceived ideas of what “domestic violence” or “victims” and “abusers” look like make it difficult to recognize and name abuse as such. But we are probably closer to victims (or perpetrators) of partner violence then we realize. If…

Divorce 911: Normalize Your Emotions

Recently, GROW Counseling and Dr. Wendy Dickinson partnered with Divorce 911 to create a few short videos addressing common themes in divorce. In this video, they discuss the topic of “normalizing” your emotions.

Grief – Letting Go of Understanding

Grief – Letting Go of Understanding

Have you ever experienced a traumatic or extremely disappointing event in your life? Maybe you lost a loved one or special friend unexpectantly; or a significant relationship ended and you were devastated. Often times, we seek to understand the purpose of these painful events. We may have many unanswered questions about the hurtful event.Read More »

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