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Understanding Your Teen: Privilege Problems

Q: Can teens of caring parents with most needs & wants met and plenty of opportunities at their disposal experience unhappiness, disconnection, and mental illness?

A: In short, absolutely YES. And actually, according to recent studies, they appear to have a higher risk of experiencing these symptoms. Read More »

WHEN THE GAME IS OVER: Transition for the Pro Athlete (Part 1)

Transitions in life are difficult, even when they are expected. When the game is over for a pro athlete, that transition to life after sports can be extremely brutal and is reported to feel more like death. Up to this point, a pro athlete has experienced privileges, applause, and stardom that have shaped his identify for years. It has been the only role in his life that has given him meaning, structure and purpose. Now, often at a young age, many pro athletes face a significant transition into “retirement” that typically does not affect the average person for many years. The challenging transition pro athletes face when the game is over can begin for many expected and unexpected reasons. Read More »

Struggling with Thoughts of Suicide?

John can’t stop worrying. He’s lost his job and his retirement savings has taken a financial hit. His mortgage rates are increasing and he doesn’t think he’ll be able to make this month’s payment. He has two children and a wife who are relying on him. He’s supposed to be the breadwinner, the man of…

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