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Pro Athletes’ Kids: Price of Privilege

Pro Athletes’ Kids: Price of Privilege

It is often the case that a pro athlete’s kids are afforded special opportunities, luxuries, and privileges as a result of their father’s (or mother’s) enormous salaries. This may include having most of their material desires met, attending the most expensive schools, and traveling and participating in other activities without limit. This affluent lifestyle may come at a price for a pro athlete’s kids.Read More »

Pro Sports Wives: Quality Time During the Holidays

As a pro sports wife you know how limited time with your athlete husband can be. Quality time can seem nonexistent during the sports season. The holidays can be especially difficult because it is a time for family togetherness and your athlete is away on the road. Although holidays may be full of fine festivities, chef-prepared foods, and expensive gifts, there is nothing like getting quality time with your athlete when he’s home.Read More »

Pro Sports Wives: Holiday Expectations

It’s the holiday season and pressure is approaching (if it isn’t already here)! By now you realize that your husband’s financial status brings on a lot of holiday expectations. These expectations can come from your children, family members, and friends, and even family friends, right? This can be an exhausting time for a pro sports wife trying to sort out, cross out, and filter through meaningful people in her family’s life.Read More »

Parenting Your Young Athlete: Problem Areas & Guidelines

Today, many young athletes are interested in exploring sports as a source of exercise, extra-curricular activity, or future career opportunities. There are an array of physical and mental developmental milestones that are necessary for young athletes to accomplish and participate in sports successfully. It is essential that parents are aware of the potential negative effects participating in sports could have on their young athlete.Read More »

WHEN THE GAME IS OVER: Some Advice for Pro Athletes (Part 2)

After reading Friday’s post, whether you’re a pro athlete facing retirement, a pro sports wife, a coach, or a team owner, hopefully you will realize that when the game is over for an athlete, many people will be affected. There is good news. There is a “preretirement” approach to counseling a pro athlete. The philosophy…

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