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7 Helpful Tips for Online Dating (Part 1)

We often hear from our clients that the dating scene in Atlanta can be a challenge. As a result, many people seem to be turning to online dating to meet people, initiate a relationship, or find a spouse. While we do not necessarily promote internet dating at GROW, we do think certain guidelines can be helpful if you choose this route in initiating a relationship.Read More »

Understanding Your Teen: Privilege Problems

Q: Can teens of caring parents with most needs & wants met and plenty of opportunities at their disposal experience unhappiness, disconnection, and mental illness?

A: In short, absolutely YES. And actually, according to recent studies, they appear to have a higher risk of experiencing these symptoms. Read More »

Understanding Your Teen: Depression

Is my teen just a “normal, moody” kid experiencing the roller coaster of their changing bodies and a desire to fit in and belong? Or is it depression?

This is just one of the many ways find it difficult to understand their teens these days. It’s important to pay careful attention to your teen’s behavior. Even if they won’t talk to you, their actions might just tell you what’s going on.Read More »

Understanding Your Teen

We’ve all been one. Some of us entered into young adulthood with more or less scars then others. But usually words that come to us when we think about the teenage years include awkward, identity, changes, and confusion. Thinking about middle school and high school can trigger memories of the crowded hallways, lunchroom decisions, peer-pressure, first relationships, and experimentation. Most of us are thankful we survived. So it’s not surprising that when parents experience their children entering this phase of life, they feel a little helpless. We find ourselves feeling confused all over again.Read More »

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