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Our First Thanksgiving Together….

Our First Thanksgiving Together….

If you are newly in a relationship or you are a newlywed then this might be your first Thanksgiving together. If no one has told you yet the first Thanksgiving can be a challenging one because everyone has ideas about how the holiday “should” be spent.

When the “shoulds” of you both collide the result can be chaos and disappointment.

Basically what is happening here is that you each have family traditions, rituals and experiences around Thanksgiving which help to connect you to past family generations, giving you a sense of history and feeling rooted in the family, and bonding with current and future family members. These traditions and rituals can be very different for families, for some it is watching football before eating dinner with a turkey at grandmother house while for others it is each family member saying what they are thankful for in a restaurant dinner.

Regardless of the Thanksgiving family tradition, the purpose remains the same.

When you start a new relationship as a couple you face the challenge of creating your own traditions and rituals for Thanksgiving. This may be a combination of both of your traditions or completely new traditions of your own. No matter how you decide to spend your first Thanksgiving together talking about expectations and traditions from each other’s family is very important in making the decision.

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Helping Children Cope with Divorce

When parents decide to divorce, the decision can be difficult for children to cope with and understand. Children may react to the news very differently depending on their age. For example, a preschooler may have questions about who is going to feed the family pet or if they are still going to be able to play with their neighbor friend. But a teen may have questions about what happened in their parents relationship or if they will still be able to attend college. Read More »

Talking with Your Child about Sex

Kids are full of questions and curiosity about the world around them, so every parent knows it is just a matter of time before their child starts asking questions about sexuality and sex. Some parents welcome these questions while other parents dread them; regardless of which category you fall into, the questions will come, so I want to help you prepare yourself.Read More »

Is my teen just being a teen…or is it something more?

The teen years are difficult because the young, innocent child you once knew is now on a mission to separate from the family and become their own person. Sometimes this shows up by the teen staying in their room most of the time, not wanting to spend as much time with the family, or being moody. These are all normal teen things, but how do you know when there is more going on?Read More »

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