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Entrepreneurs: Don’t Run From the Hamster

Not many people would disagree that world changers, entrepreneurs, and visionaries are passionate people. Passion people invest so fully physically, emotionally, and mentally that it is easy for them to lose perspective. The problem with losing perspective is that we can no longer trust our perceptions to be accurate. This might not seem like a big deal but let’s talk for a minute about how important our perceptions are.Read More »

Entrepreneurs: Focus on 2nd

If you are a world changer (ahem…or a workaholic), chances are you are not going to lose sight of the first priority. It’s the one that keeps you up at night. The one that you talk about. The one that you have trouble getting out of your head. However, your 2nd or 3rd priority (while still important) likely gets far less attention. It’s easy to convince oneself that 2nd or 3rd place is only a degree or two behind 1st place, but then the question becomes – is that really the case?Read More »

Entrepreneurs: Are You Losing Your Head?

Here is something we’ve noticed – true entrepreneurs are mission minded, singularly focused, and seem to have the unique ability to invest “whatever it takes” to make the idea work. The other thing we’ve noticed? When those entrepreneurial qualities kick in, other important relationships, responsibilities, and opportunities seem to suffer.Read More »

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