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Community: Three Ways to Enhance Yours

Community is a word that we hear often. We have our work community, our neighborhood community, community outreach, and even the television comedy Community. Regardless of how you are thinking of the word ‘community,’ we are all members of various groups. These groups help us shape our view of belonging, purpose, and commitment to the group. Read More »

Why Are We Running?

Why Are We Running?

There was an intensity to the movement that left no doubt the only thing to do was join in the crushing 400 meter dash. We, along with the other 200 people on the train, made it out to the sidewalk so quickly that you would have thought the last person on the platform was going to be shot. There we were, arm in arm, backpacks jostling, approaching near Olympic speeds hurling headlong down the ramp – and we had no idea why.Read More »

Entrepreneurs: Focus on 2nd

If you are a world changer (ahem…or a workaholic), chances are you are not going to lose sight of the first priority. It’s the one that keeps you up at night. The one that you talk about. The one that you have trouble getting out of your head. However, your 2nd or 3rd priority (while still important) likely gets far less attention. It’s easy to convince oneself that 2nd or 3rd place is only a degree or two behind 1st place, but then the question becomes – is that really the case?Read More »

Experiencing Burnout? Hit the gym!

We’ve been recommending exercise as a way to deal with and manage stress for years. A recent study indicates that exercise is valuable in many ways… Exercise my head off employee burnout, according to a study led by a Tel Aviv University researcher. Scientists asked 1632 healthy Israeli workers to complete a physical and mental…

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