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Benefits of Developing Emotional Intelligence

As a counselor who works with athletes, executives, and creatives, I am constantly discussing Emotional Intelligence and whether this is a weak or strong area of their lives. As I work with these intelligent leaders, we have focused on finding the strength to use their emotions to become more connected at home, work, and on the field.Read More »

Hope After a Heartbreak

It’s been said, “Relationships are like glass. Sometimes it’s better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting it back together.” Making this choice leaves a person heartbroken in many instances. Most of us have experienced this at least once in our lives. Read More »

Pro Sports Wives: Quality Time During the Holidays

As a pro sports wife you know how limited time with your athlete husband can be. Quality time can seem nonexistent during the sports season. The holidays can be especially difficult because it is a time for family togetherness and your athlete is away on the road. Although holidays may be full of fine festivities, chef-prepared foods, and expensive gifts, there is nothing like getting quality time with your athlete when he’s home.Read More »

Athletic Teams as Families

When tragedy happens, we all react differently. Some become vocal; some become silent; others need a hug or a listening ear. Athletic teams are no different than a traditional family unit. The individuals may cope in various ways, but the team has a choice of leaning on each other or going separate ways. Read More »

Parenting Your Young Athlete: Problem Areas & Guidelines

Today, many young athletes are interested in exploring sports as a source of exercise, extra-curricular activity, or future career opportunities. There are an array of physical and mental developmental milestones that are necessary for young athletes to accomplish and participate in sports successfully. It is essential that parents are aware of the potential negative effects participating in sports could have on their young athlete.Read More »

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