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Thanksgiving as a Single Person

Thanksgiving as a Single Person

Imagine a large dining room table full of food, family, and maybe an animal or two trying to locate the best time to attack the turkey that is sitting way too close to the edge. One would think that this scenario is what most people will experience this Thanksgiving. However, what about the single people?Read More »

Benefits of Developing Emotional Intelligence

As a counselor who works with athletes, executives, and creatives, I am constantly discussing Emotional Intelligence and whether this is a weak or strong area of their lives. As I work with these intelligent leaders, we have focused on finding the strength to use their emotions to become more connected at home, work, and on the field.Read More »

Athletic Teams as Families

When tragedy happens, we all react differently. Some become vocal; some become silent; others need a hug or a listening ear. Athletic teams are no different than a traditional family unit. The individuals may cope in various ways, but the team has a choice of leaning on each other or going separate ways. Read More »

Community: Three Ways to Enhance Yours

Community is a word that we hear often. We have our work community, our neighborhood community, community outreach, and even the television comedy Community. Regardless of how you are thinking of the word ‘community,’ we are all members of various groups. These groups help us shape our view of belonging, purpose, and commitment to the group. Read More »

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